Combining wisdom from years of experience with primal intuition to connect you to your customers. 

Wise Ape does brand development, design, messaging, strategy, advertising, and marketing support. 

We work matter-of-fact. No proprietary processes or hoopla. We’re small and like it, only taking on a few clients at a time. Wise Ape does great work with great people.


Recent Clients:
My Sister Knits, CSU Ventures, Nick’s Italian, AU Workshop, Red Mountain Scientific, Buccan, The Group, MonImmune, Lairmer County SCFD, KromaTiD, Living Ink, Museum of Art - Fort Collins



Past Clients:
HP, Starbucks, COMMON, Microsoft, PopTech!, Deloitte, Swiss Shoes, McKinsey, Swans Island Blankets, Webroot, Intel, (x) Matters, Florsheim, Carbonite, Chiquita, many, many start-ups, and numerous technology companies no one has ever heard of.